King of the Pipers, and other Stories - cd

Story Telling and piping Just Plain Folks nominee Nominated for 2009 Just Plain Folks Award for Children's storytelling album of the year.Grassroots Music Organization Just Plain Folks (JPF) has announced their nominees for the 2009 edition of their music awards. After receiving a record setting 42,000 albums and over a half million songs from 163 countries around the world, the organization's staff and team of volunteers filtered the music down to both song and album nominees in 95 genres of music. This years nominees come from over 80 different countries around the world. It all started as a friendly effort to recognize some independent artists who made great music which had been overlooked by the mainstream media. Organization founder Brian Austin Whitney quickly realized there was a big empty gap and need in the world of music to recognize more than just the top commercial sellers. "We were getting amazing albums from unknown musicians and composers that screamed out for attention." He continues "Whereas larger televised awards are well suited to recognize music's most popular and commercially successful recordings, we felt we could fill the need to recognize the music made by the other 98% of the world." Whitney added "all the music that is judged is actually listened to in each round. Most awards, including the most famous, simply hand out a list of names and say 'vote' so it's based more on fame and name recognition than it is on their actual music." The organization spent 14 months from the initial entry date to screen all the music and narrow down the field. JPF uses a unique mix of judges that come from the music industry, fellow artist and songwriter peers and music fans. "We feel that those groups mixed together make for a balanced and compelling process which identifies a lot of music that any one group

Kevin Carr: The King Of The Pipers